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When it comes to securing your commercial property, Hi Desert Alarm designs commercial grade intrusion detection systems that provide piece of mind at a price you can afford. 

From Basic Security Systems to Complex Automation, Smart Businesses Rely On Hi Desert Alarm

Small business, large business, industrial complexes…from sole proprietors to successful franchises, enterprises everywhere are at risk of security breaches. Maybe it’s theft, unexplained inventory shortages, shoplifting, fraud, or employee productivity. No matter what your top concerns are, Hi Desert Alarm has the solution. No risk is too nominal, and no hazard is too extensive to implement the preventive measures we offer.

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24/7 Alarm Monitoring Comes Standard with Intrusion Detection

With 24/7 commercial alarm monitoring services you get the immediate help you need in the event of alarm activation. Certified, highly trained agents are always standing by at the UL listed central station, ready to respond and assist when your alarm activates. 

Customer Stories

We've been securing businesses and homes in the Victor Valley for over 5 decades. These are just a few of the many happy customers that have alarm systems installed and monitored by Hi Desert Alarm!

Mike came over, talked to us and explained everything. He’s very professional and took his time to explain everything in detail . We are very happy that we chose Hi Desert Alarm

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I read a review from someone stating that this company goes above and beyond for they're clients and I must say, that they really do. We just bought our 1st house and best believe we're going to be using Hi Desert Alarms service.

Charlie G.

Excellent family owned company. Available on call technician always. These guys go above and beyond. I'll stick with Hi Desert Alarm where I'll recognise the faces that come to my door if I have an issue:)

Integrated Security. The Best Investment You Can Make. 

Security systems evolve according to new threats. Businesses are always trying to stay ahead of potential threats that can put staff and customers at risk as well as risk-prolonged disruptions in the carrying out of daily business. 

At Hi Desert Alarm, we'll help you get there, and stay competitive, and safe, with new and emerging trends.